Services Provided

  • excavation 
  • water mainline installation
  • sanitary mainline installation
  • storm mainline installation
  • water/sewer service installation (mainline to property)
  • material cycling/handling
  • backfill and compaction completion
  • catch basin/catch basin lead installation
  • sewer bypassing
  • manhole installation
  • pipe insulation installation
  • protection of existing utilities
  • change order execution
  • temporary water line setup/testing/commissioning/implementation/municipal service reinstatement
  • water/sewer system CCC testing (pressure testing, chlorination, flushing, sewer scoping) 

Highlights / Challenges

  • Working around shallow utilities and protecting their integrity and operation
  • Unfavourable ground conditions and remedied by cycling poor dirt off site and bringing back compactable material in its place
  • Material handling coordination with operators and truck drivers to make the project as efficient and safe as possible.
  • Daily materials testing was performed, and geotechnical engineers were on site working with us to provide a sufficiently compacted subbase under the new concrete and asphalt structure begin built
  • Traffic control and pedestrian management while working in high traffic areas and keeping access to homes and businesses most of the time while performing our work.
  • Providing temporary water service for hundreds of residential homes for several days while performing the work.