Junction 42 Sanitary Lift Station
red deer county- 2020​

Services Provided

  • Excavation,  
  • pipe installation,  
  • shoring installation,  
  • electrical installation,  
  • site access maintenance,  
  • water maintenance,  
  • best practice backfilling methods,  
  • dirt management, 
  • lift station commissioning,  
  • subcontractor management, 
  • safety conscious decision making 

Highlights / Challenges

  • The lift station was installed using a slide box rail system shoring unit that allowed us to enter the excavation and perform our work safely.   
  • It was a challenge to control the groundwater inside the excavation and the surface water from the drainage courses surrounding the site. 
  • This site was a small, low-lying area surrounded by pipelines, high voltage power lines, unfavorable site access roads.  
  • Working closely with the County’s consultants and foreman, we were able to manage all the challenges the site, ground and weather threw at us and completed this project successfully.