Red Deer Outfalls Rehabilitation
City of Red Deer - 2021​

Services Provided

  • Excavation,  
  • stormline installation,  
  • hydrovac,  
  • trucking,  
  • material placement and compaction,  
  • landscaping,  
  • erosion matting installation,  
  • rip rap import and placement,  
  • creek relocation and monitoring,  
  • tree planting,  
  • topsoiling,  
  • seeding,  
  • concrete headwall form and pour

Highlights / Challenges

  • Coordination with the City to ensure construction has minimal disruption to trails and residents.  
  • Working in an active recreational area while minimizing disruption to the facilities. 
  • Completing erosion control on steep inclines while maintaining safety of workers and minimal environmental impact. 
  • Working with biologist to divert water within streams/creeks to complete work with minimal environmental impact to the habitats.