Sanitary Lift Station
Village of Clive - 2021

Services Provided

  • Excavation,  
  • pipe installation,  
  • shoring installation,  
  • electrical installation,  
  • site access maintenance,  
  • water maintenance,  
  • best practice backfilling methods,  
  • dirt management, 
  • lift station commissioning,  
  • subcontractor management, 
  • safety conscious decision making 

Highlights / Challenges

  • Keeping existing lift station operational, while installing the new wet well, connected piping, ran electrical and communication lines, retrofit internal components (pump, pump mounts, rail systems, platforms, transducers, ladder, hatch, vent tube, davit mount, lifting chains, heater), and establish the new panel and the new building for the panel. 
  • Setting up a sewer bypass pumping system from the newly installed gravity main into the new lift station to decommission and remove the old dry/wet well.